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Sacka Da Weeda® makes work easier and more efficient for nurserymen and women. The apron relieves the neck fatigue that often occurs with most aprons. The three large pockets allow garden tools, gloves, phones and other needed work tools to be carried all over the nursery, Sacka Da Weeda’s main pouch saves hours of work by allowing debris to be stored in the pouch and dumped directly into wheelbarrows – eliminating the need to create and remove piles of debris. No more raking, less strain and more work in less time.

Simply pull on the apron pouch and empty contents into a wheelbarrow or compost pile. 

• Sturdy Denim material available in blue, green, tan, & rose.

• Draw-string closure on waterproof pouch.
• Pouch holds and releases with Velcro– it’s easy-open and easy-close.
• Unique strap design keeps pressure off the neck.
• Straps adjust to fit any size, quick-release buckle is easy to open and close, even when wearing gloves.
• Easy care – wash and dry.
• Extra pockets for tools, water bottles and more.

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